Glee Season 3 Synopsis and Videos

Its time to catch up with the latest on Glee. What will happen on Glee Season 3? Surely, you are excited. Catch it here! Bookmark this blog for this purpose.

Previously, it was reported that a lot of the main characters are to graduate in Glee Season 3. The Creator of Glee would love to make the show realistic. If high school is over in four years so are the cast of Glee. There are yet no confirmed reports as to who will be leaving in Glee Season 3. However, if you regularly watch the show, it is quite clear who are leaving in Glee Season 3.

As to the latest to date, its all over for Chord Overstreet. We will not be seeing him in Glee Season 3. In his tweet, the 22 actor shouted: "Well its been a good yr too bad its over. Time for summer and starting fresh." On the other hand, Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. are regulars on the upcoming season. Obviously, we will be seeing more of them on Glee Season 3.