Every year one of the most important celebrations that most of the nations are celebrating is christmas. Christmas is known to be as the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration is in connection with the religious belief of every christian individual depending upon how they celebrate the same. This is usually the moment when we rejoice for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It also emphasizes certain changes that should be made in our day to day lives.

Celebrating christmas is unique in every country. In the Philippines, it is usually accompanied with distinct foods prepared in the table with lechon present in every home depending however on the financial capacity of the household. Aside from the food, christmas lights are all over in every house not to mention the christmas decorations. What is also unique is the chances of making money by carolling in every house. Carolling is usually done in the advent of christmas. In the Philippines, it starts at exactly December 16. No particular age is required or particular choice of songs as long as it is connected with the christmas celebration. However, it is usually children aging 10 to 14 who carols in every home. There are some advantages and some disadvantages in this case. It could be either that the children are taught by their parents of the value of carolling or the children has neither knowledge of the reason or purpose of what they are doing. With this, there is a possibility that children are only carolling for purposes of money. They even sing christmas songs without knowing the lyrics of the same. Sometimes, they kept on going back to the house where they have been paid for their carolling. Isn't this untenable?

In this case, the parents play an important role in teaching their children. They must spent time to their children preaching about what christmas is all about and what is/are the purpose/purposes of carolling. This would give the children the ability to know and distinguish the importance and necessity of decent christmas celebration. And in the future when they become parents, they can also teach their children about this.
Merry Christmas to all!


  Liza's Eyeview

December 30, 2007 at 9:00 AM

Oh, I miss hearing those kids caroling ...