Life is a cycle. What our parents have gone through there is a great probability that we would experience the same. It is said that experience makes one a matured person. When we were young all we know is play, eat, sleep and have fun. The great thing about it is that you have no responsibility. You only think of yourself. Fact is life is moving so fast. It’s like it seemed to us it was only yesterday. As time passes by we grow old. This time we understand how life works. We already have a glimpse of what should we do in the near future.

Marriage is part of all these things. There is a moment of our lives that we meet someone who we believe to be the right person for us. Love evolves and with love follows marriage. Marriage is another stage of our lives that we need to face. With marriage comes big responsibility. By marriage you have to think not only your own welfare but also the welfare of your partner as well as your kids. To indulge in marriage, you must be patient, understanding, compassionate, and most especially God-fearing. One thing that hinders you in getting married is physically leaving the family you have grown with. The thing is decades of your life have been together with this family. Leaving them would definitely be a heavy heartache. So much more that you will be spending the rest of your life to a person whom you only knew for say one to five years. How well do you know your partner? Could you easily adapt to changes of your life?

All that we have to consider is that getting married will just come at a right time and at the right place. You just feel it. It will come to a point when everything seemed to be in place that you will know by heart that this is the right moment. When this time comes, you must grab it without a doubt and live happily ever after.