Suffrage is a right of every citizen provided that you fall within the qualifications. The upcoming elections of some countries all over the world (that is, not only in the US) are the main issue in every corner of the internet. Even countries where elections are to be held two years from now, are already facing the heat of the competition especially the wanna-be candidates. Politics is everywhere even at this early stage.

However, what the public ignored is the essence of their right to vote. The people are fed up with all the promises these politicians are offering. Sometimes voters get confused on who is telling the truth. Sometimes they are bought, which fact is a reality but never been proven. So that, it may be said that whatever happens to a certain country lies in the hands of a single voter which when summed up constitutes the majority. A single vote matters a lot. Voting so you may know is an obligation that citizens should not pass by and let go. One vote may be a key to a new change which every ordinary citizen hoped for.

With the advent of the campaign (like the vice presidential debate between Palin and Biden) people should be alert by now of who is the right person to sit down on that certain position. Vote for who you believe has the capacity to rule with an unselfish intent.



October 4, 2008 at 2:41 AM

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