Growing normally is not the only reason behind a man's success. Circumstances occur behind that success. But even disabled persons have the capacity to experience success. In fact their stories are more inspiring as compared to the normals ones. Through them we feel a different kind of inducement that makes us wanna go on with life even if we are already facing the hardest moments of our it.

Physically-disabled persons are unlucky to be born or grew up with the existence of such incapacity. For sure, they fought hard to face the reality of the same. Whether or not the incapacity is curable is pointless. Just the existence of such disability is hard to take yet to be proud of. There are a lot of persons out there who are experiencing this kind of situation. However, it is amazing to know that they live life to the fullest despite that. They are more amiable as compared to persons who have complete physical ability yet they only abuse them by doing something unlawful. It is unbelievable how these disabled-persons sustain life everyday while some ignore the simple blessings that they have already.

This only means that physical disability is never a hindrance in achieving something we dreamed of. It may be hard but it is never impossible. Say for instance the success of Erin Popovich a U.S. paralympic swimmer. According to Erin Popovich, "Sports have a huge influence on the disabled -- both athletes and the average." With her achievement, she is now comparable to Michael Phelps' achievement as a swimmer which she accepts with humility and great honor. Erin Popovich won four golds and two silvers at the current Paralympics held at Beijing. Isn't this an inspiring story?