Since the day that we were born we saw them beside us. They helped and guided us as we grow older and become matured. They were present in our ups and downs. They even fought for us regardless of whether or not we were wrong. They defended us in all evils that come our way. In toto, they were part of our lives from the beginning and even till the end.

Who am I talking to? They are our parents or for our children's sake they are their grandparents. As we become of age, it is undeniable that we either enter into marriage or concentrate more on our career. With this, we part ways with our parents and live our own separate lives. In parting ways, it does not really mean that we abandon them. Its just that, this is the time of our lives where we have to build our own family, career or just do whatever we wanted to happen with our lives. Nothing is really conflicting about this fact provided that your parents have already prepared themselves for this event either financially, physically or emotionally. The conflict arises when your parents can no longer feed themselves or that they are too old to take care of themselves or maybe your parents hates your husband or wife but because of old age they have to stay with your family.

If there is a conflict between your partner and your parents, do you really have to choose one in favor of the other? Wouldn't it be advisable if the conflict can be settled altogether without necessarily abandoning the other? Every misunderstanding can be patched up. You just have to work hard for it to achieve it. Open communication is the key. You have to show that both are important for you. Of course you cannot abandon the very persons who brought you into this world neither will you abandon the person you met and loved. Both are family and both must be given importance. Abandoning one is not the solution. Resolving the problem together is one good start.



December 13, 2007 at 8:18 AM

sometimes when my parents and I argue and fight, I think of leaving home. but once I've mellowed down I 'm back to my old parent-loving self. Iknow I can never do that, I will never abandon my parents.


December 14, 2007 at 4:48 AM

that's a good thing to do...I could never think also of abandoning my parents. how hard could that be deep within...