Money is important in our everyday lives. Nothing is free now. Almost all people in the world are looking for money to buy food, clothing, and any other expenses. We could never survive in this world without money. That's a fact. Lucky are those who are called "born with the golden spoon." They live with all the luxuries life could offer, although some of them choose to look for money in their own hard work. Some even continue to work despite what they already have. And they are the people we should look forward to.

If we want to be similar to those who are wealthy enough to buy even those unnecessary things, we should strive hard to find it. We should work for it the best way we can. Money cant be attain just by sitting on the couch or watching television. Action is required. There are reasons why there are differences in this world; why they are rich and why others are poor. It makes us realize that if they can do it why cant we. Check your priorities. Do it now or never. Everday is going forward not backwards. Dont ever end up saying "if only..."