>>>>>>>>>>Are you a job-seeker or already employed? Do you like to work in your own country or in another country? Where do you like to look for better opportunities? These questions seemed to be unimportant to you for now, but someday at the right time, these same questions will hunt you as you choose what's best for your own career.

A lot of reasons may be given on why a certain person decides to work in a place other than his own; there may be less opportunity for him as compared to working in another country; the benefits may be limited in the place where he lives; his family may decide to migrate; or your decision depends upon what is good for your profession. In deciding to work or not to work abroad depends on different factors that concern you, your family and your community, not to mention the finances. But the quintessential factor that must be taken into consideration is the feeling deep within you and the purpose of doing so. This decision entails a lot of sacrifices to you and the people surrounding you. But once you've made this decision, it will be a start of a new life for you. A chapter of your life that can never be changed.

Working abroad is never that easy. If you choose to work abroad, you must realize that although you are earning that big, you are so far away from your family; a family that you have stayed with for the past twenty years or more of your life. You may be in the most beautiful country in the world, but there is that emptiness you felt within. There is also loneliness. Also, you could not deny the fact that you have to adapt to the standard of living of the people where you are working at. There is also a need for you to learn their customs and traditions.

So, do you still have plans in working abroad? Once you've made your decision, you just have to live with it; there's no turning back. Think about it.



November 20, 2007 at 1:12 PM

hi best, ang ganda naman ng site actually im working as ofw here in riyadh 1st day ko kabado pa ako at na hohomesick pero hanggang tumatagal at naiisip ko yung pamilya ko na sa akin lang umaasa tinibayan ko loob ko kaya up to now im still here almost 4 yrs but im planning to go back home next year because of my husband but if im not yet married i will stay here as long as i can work thanks godbless:-)


November 22, 2007 at 6:40 PM

Ang tagal mo na dyan ah. I should say you're a very strong person. If you have saved enough money that come back home na, hehehe.