We are living in a community. We are surrounded by people. People whom we know and people who are yet to be acquainted with. Together with them we develop a sense of belongingness. A feeling that makes you who you are and what you've become. These people may sometimes influence us in the way we think and the way we decide circumstances that come into our daily lives. There are some who remains loyal; while others may hit you in the back. Who knows?

Either way, we act like we need to prove something to them. Its like the way they think at you, with your personality and capacity as a person, you have to maintain it or necessarily to improve yourself. Their impressions seem so important to us that they affect our lives. You may say for now that you are not like this, but may be you havent realized it yet.

These persons, whatever may their attitudes be, play an important role in our lives. How we deal towards them, depends on how they are relevant to us. Our relationship to them may affect us negatively or positively. In life, we deal with people even if they are so different to us in beliefs, principles, living, ascendancy, lifestyle and so forth. No man is an island. Whatever their expectations in you as an individual, leave it be. Just respect their opinions, apply it if you think that's what's best for you and go on with your life the way you wanted it to be. Your success depends on how you wanted or craved for it, how it makes you happy, and how you persevere to achieve it.


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November 27, 2007 at 8:43 AM

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