-------Raindrops have been falling for almost four consecutive days now. In a third world country like ours, this is one of the disasters that must be prevented. However, things like these are unavoidable. It will happen as it will. The rain causes the flood to occur. With flood, everything becomes worst. The flood may be due to less trees in the woods which can absorb heavy waters. It may be due also to clogged garbage. In life, these things happen at the moment you least expect it. Whatever may be the reasons for this calamity, action is needed.
-------As individuals, whether or not a public official, we must do our part. Lucky are those who were not hit by the calamity. But, how about those who has lost some of their loved ones due to such calamity? What can you do to help them? It doesn’t matter what kind of help you can offer. If you are capable financially, you can send cash. If you have used clothes, you can also send them to the areas affected. Anything is possible if you want to.
-------But if you don’t have any of those? How about offering some prayers? Prayer is considered as a strong source of strength. By prayers you can do the impossible. Take for instance the incident in another country where they prayed for rain to come. Their governor lead the prayer accompanied with his constituents. After three days, the rain did come. In this kind of situation, for those who are far away, all we can do is give our prayers. There are things in life that even a little prayer can do wonders.