The second story goes like this:

A very young relationship exists between this couple. They have been engaged as a couple for only four months now. As compared to the first part of the series funny thing about love the couple involved in this case fall in love with no other hindrances that could ever be considered as a ground for their separation. Their relationship is open to the public. They have no financial problems that may restrict them from communicating with each other. They both have financial resources. There is no question that they both love one another. BUT, there is one big but in the relationship. They kept on fighting. You may say that this is normal to a relationship. Yes you’re indubitably correct! Nevertheless, it seemed that everyday there has been an endless fighting between them. Simple things like failure in answering the phone would end up to be a big fight to both of them. They are counting the other’s failure of giving importance to their relationship. The persons involved are not at their young age. The woman is at her thirties while the man is at his late twenties. Maturity wise, they may be considered matured enough to handle a relationship. But then one day they will separate ways and then after a few days just by senseless reason the woman would forgive the man then they are back again. This has been going on not only once, twice or thrice but at countless times. The main reason that they would end back into their relationship again is the so-called “all because of love.”

Is this really all because of love? Much funnier indeed!