Let’s talk about love, that is, love that only couples can explain. No specific definition has been inculcated into our minds when we speak of love. All we know is love is a feeling toward the opposite sex and sometimes toward the same sex which is different from the love that we have toward our parents, brothers, sisters or friends. Here are three different cases of love which express the complications and sometimes funny realizations of the truth about love.

Here’s the first story. Two high school students fell in love with each other when they were in their senior years. Their relationship was kept secret to the family of the girl. The parents of the latter do not allow her to enter into a relationship with such a young age which at the time is at her sweet sixteen. After several months, through fraud committed by some of her friends, the relationship was made known to the parents of the girl. So, the girl was scolded, slapped and flew to another city of the country to separate her from the boy. They separated without further communication. Three to four years thereafter, the girl came back. So, they met again and realizing that the feeling is still there, they continued their relationship again without the knowledge of the girl’s parents. However, because the two are in the majority age, the parents no longer questioned the relationship although still they do not approve of the boy, now already a man, to be the partner of their girl, who is now a lady. The lady is so in love with the man, that no matter how her parents criticize the man, it doesn’t matter to her. The lady often says I would marry the man whom I first fall in love with. Now they are both at their thirties. It seemed that the parents of the lady have fallen out of reasons to take the man out of their lives, so they give in. They do like the man now. In fact they tease their daughter on when are they getting married. Their daughter just smiled and answered them, “We just parted ways. I don’t love him anymore.”

Wow! Is this what we get from falling in love? Now that time has passed, the circumstances may sound funny. After everything that has happened, no one would ever think that the couple would end up like this. This is one truth about love. Funny, indeed!



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