The third story is for same sex relationship. This is no offense to those who enter like relationship. The purpose of the author is to show the different aspects of love in general and how they end up to be such a funny thing after all.

As mentioned, this involved a same sex relationship. The pair has been into a relationship for several years. They are at their forties. Considering the age bracket and the number of years that they have been engaged as lovers, it may be correct to say that whatever obstacle that may come into their relationship nothing can break the bond that they both built for quite sometime. Until now! A third party came in. No clear explanation has been given. No exchange of words has occurred. The family of one of this pair has come to love the other. Their relationship was accepted by the family of either side. But because of this third party, it all ended up to nothing. What is shocking is the other person involved who did not commit the affair which caused their separation entered into another relationship with an opposite sex. Is this relationship born out of love? Well, no one knows. The new couple claimed they both do. But is love has to be this complicated?

There are a lot of stories out there to tell. This may be of help to those who have not fallen in love; to be prepared of what could possibly occur while you are in a relationship. The funny thing is love is a fact of life. It exists for a reason. We fall in love; other relationships may have not ripened into marriage yet it cannot be denied that they felt and fell in love somehow.