>>>>>>>>>>Are you an athlete? If not, do you play a certain sport for your free time or for exercise purposes? If yes, in that case, you are familiar of the feeling of being defeated from a game. The topic deals more about the effects of being defeated. There is no problem when we win in every game. It obviously makes us more confident with how we play the game as well as how we deal with other people and our life in general. It makes us proud of our accomplishment as a sport lover, especially when we defeated someone who is a better player than us.

Dealing with defeat affects us as a person. Even if it is just an ordinary game or tournament, the impact is so huge. If you play with all your heart and realizing in the end that you lose the game, it seemed like you carry the whole world in you. It sometimes makes you cry inside and out. It is not merely because you lose but it’s for the love of the game.

What you should do in times like this? Here are the author’s own points of view:

>1. Inhale and exhale after every game.
>2. Smile at the end of the game.
>3. Shake hands with your opponent.
>4. Drink some water then take a long deep breath.
>5. Think not anymore that you lose.
>6. Appreciate your opponent’s skill on how well he has improved.
>7. Chat with other players; avoid talking and opening up how you lose your game. Don’t go home directly after your game; it will leave a very bad impression on you.
>8. After the talking session is over, that’s the right time to go back home and open up to someone close to you how you lose your game.
>9. Speak not how weak you are in the game but talk about how you can improve yourself to defeat your opponent in another game soon. Recall what went wrong when you were playing. Then think about new techniques and style in your play.
>10. Above all, always set in your mind, that there is always the next time and that next time is your time to win.