Jesus Interrupted

I hate to blog about religion. I have high regard when it comes to respecting every other religion. I believe what I believe. You believe what you believe. If it stays that way, then I think that life in general will be peaceful.

One of the controversies today is this "Jesus Interrupted." And what is this? Its actually a book written by bible scholar Bart Ehrman. By reading the book they say that you will arrive at a conclusion that the Quran is correct. The book "Jesus Interrupted" tells you about the conflicting and contradicting stories of Jesus.

Well, its your decision to read the book or to buy one. If you already have faith there is no reason why you should be struck by any other matter that may ruin what you believe in. I still believe that the authorized person to interpret the bible is the priest while as to other religious books those similarly situated. What do you think of this book "Jesus Interrupted?"