Adam Lambert Kissing

I have this new idea on how I can update this blog regularly. What I will do is that I will update this blog by making personal opinions on the different topics that may be available online. And I will start by the issue on Adam Lambert kissing.

At first glance of the title, it seemed nothing. However, upon learning of the story you will be shocked how the story is twisted. What I mean is that, at least by how I interpreted the title the first time I read it. What makes it a big issue today is that Adam Lambert is kissing a man which initiated the rumor that Adam Lambert is gay. Yes, you read it right. If you want to see Adam Lambert Gay photos or pictures just click the link provided.

In my opinion, this is nothing new. There are a lot of gay people out there. Of course there are still countries who are conservative and refuse to accept this fact. But I guess this is life. You have to expect the unexpected. With more reason that we should be open to things we less likely to do. We might not agree with that, nevertheless, its a part of living.