Bring Sean Home

At first, I was not sure of whether or not I am going to post about bring sean home. I thought this is something unimportant. However, upon opening one site mentioned the same topic, I was shocked. I did not expected that I am going to read something like this.

Bring Sean Home is a story of abduction. It started four years ago, that is, June 16 2004 to be exact, when Bruna Goldman, Sean's mother, took the latter to Brazil for a vacation. But its not just a vacation. Why? For up to now Sean is not yet at home with his father, David Goldman. The latter is fighting for Sean Goldman, that is, for his son to be back with his arms again after the abduction. Most of the sites I read are favoring the right of David Goldman to be with his son Sean. They are actually blaming the American government for doing nothing in this matter.

I'll update you later for more of this "Bring Sean Home" story. I have to go to the city for an important matter.