Jeremy Lusk X Games 2008

At first I thought this news is relating to video games. Its nothing like that. I was surprised when it relates to death. I think I already have a few topics regarding death. But this is nothing to be shocked about for death is a reality. We just dont know when it will come to us.

Just like Jeremy Lusk at X Games 2008 in Mexico. Jeremy Lusk is just 24 years old. He died today after obtaining several injuries in a motor crash when he was competing in a Moto X Best Trick competition at the X Games Mexico. This topic on Jeremy Lusk X Games 2008 is all over the internet. I bet this young star has a lot of funs. Too bad we will no longer see him in the future.

That is why in life we should expect the unexpected. Usually, its the older people who die first but this news, its a proof that death chooses when it thinks its time. And as an ordinary individual, we have no idea as to when. This is one reason why we should enjoy life while we can.

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