In life, we feel different emotions that we didn't expect we are capable of feeling. You may say that this is impossible; that we all are knowledgeable of how we feel in certain situations. But do you really know that you are capable of obtaining this or that emotion?

There are things in life that you just don't expect to happen. And once this occurs you never know what to feel. The thing is, once that moment comes, you realize one thing, the feeling is new to you and you are bothered on what you have to do, not to mention that you have to deal with it. But this is one of the realities of life. Do what you think is right under the circumstances.

Say for one, when you are angry to someone or to something that occured to you. You feel so enraged that you hated this particular person because of what he or she just did. You say something against him that you havent said before. You say something negative and more concentrated on how said person hurt you a lot. This feeling may stay with you for a long period to the extent that your relationship with the person concerned may be ruined. Forgiveness is so hard for you. It is even hard for you to forget what just happened. The experience seemed to be fresh all day long and for a longer period of time. A piece of advice, in this time in your life, never immediately decide on things. Never ever said something that you will regret forever. Never ever make a decision that will affect you or even the very person who caused you pain. Life is still rolling; it doesnt stop there. The situation now will be different in the next days to come.