It was a fine sunny day yesterday. Everything seemed to be normal. Some of the people are busy preparing to go to work. Some are busy in their household chores. You can see that the community all in all is doing what they are usually performing for the past weeks, months or even years. In toto, it was a very ordinary day.

But then, as my sister was consciously decorating her face with some I don’t know what accessories they are (lol), a forwarded text message stopped her from what she was doing at that moment. She loudly read the text message to all the members of the family. The text message says that "there is a bomb threat to the City of Iligan (which is situated in the Philippines) in portions where several constituents are passing by. It may occur to places where the streets are busy." Although the constituents are doubtful of that info, the same was forwarded to their family, relatives and friends for safety precautions. However, it cannot be said that the same was just a joke; for evidently, the streets of Iligan were full of police forces standing by anxiously waiting, observing and checking probable suspects of bombers. Most Iliganons (the term refers to the residents of Iligan City) stayed at home except of course to those who are working to support their family.

To make the story short, the explosion did not happen. Thanks to the police authorities who have really performed their job well. And kudos to the mayor and his people for a job well done. Although the bomb did not strike, it is necessary for the family to perform whatever necessary standard of vigilance in this kind of situation. The father and mother must oblige their children to stay at home and keep alert of the updates of the situation until it is resolved. It is better to be prepared than regret the result only in the end.



January 16, 2008 at 5:46 AM

You are right. It is better to be prepared rather than regret later. Too good the explosion did not happen. Nice meeting you and knowing we are from the same country :D

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January 16, 2008 at 7:28 AM

Yeah, it didnt...But till this moment the police forces are still on alert.

Nice meeting you kababayan! lol

By the way, I like your template.. Where did you get? may be there are other templates there that I could copy, lol.