Growing together with our family is pretty amazing. It’s like we have our own identity which cannot be taken apart from us. They form and mold us who we are right now. Of course there are exceptions to this rule for how we deal with the circumstances around us depends upon our own decision no matter whatever other people might think. The truth is whatever decisions we make for our lives, whether negative or positive, our family will never leave us alone, most especially our parents.

A lot of things have been mentioned about the role of a mother in our family but little has been to a father. The father is considered to be the head of the family; the one who has the last say; the very person who is considered to be the strongest of all as well as the protector of all the members in the family. He provides for the financial needs of the family although at present it is common for both the husband and wife to obtain work to finance their day to day expenses.

But what happens when after everything that a father had done to his children, the latter committed a big mistake that it broke the heart of the former? It is undeniable that we are not perfect and as an individual we commit mistake, which mistake may be done intentionally or unintentionally. The least that a father could ask for his children is for them to finish their studies and be responsible persons and citizens. A father’s heart is broken when, among others, a son entered a premarital s3x and the woman became pregnant. This is a big loss for him, not only because of what the son did but of the fact that there is something lacking in his mode of molding his kids, that his son became so irresponsible in committing such a huge mistake. Nevertheless, because of his responsibility as a father, he continued to support his son. This is a fact that family never leaves you no matter what happens to you especially your father who will guide you all the way till his last breath. He stays with you and stands not behind you but beside you.

Think first before you act. This is not the kind of stuffs that you will give to your parents especially after everything that they had done for you to attain all the things you need in your life. They deserve better!


  Dat Nguyen

January 12, 2008 at 4:13 PM

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January 12, 2008 at 11:01 PM

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January 13, 2008 at 5:36 AM