Page rank is so important in blogging. So much so that every blogger who loses or decreases his or her page rank would panic to the max. Recently news of several blogs decreasing there page rank have been all over the internet. A wide disparity between their previous rank to their present rank resulted with the current check of pagerank by google. Others question what is wrong with their blogs. They believe that they have done nothing wrong to violate google rules and regulations. With this only google knows the answer.

It is the author’s opinion that one way to maintain pagerank is to exchange links with blogs with a particular pagerank also. It doesn’t matter whether your page rank is one or two or three or higher as long as you do have pagerank. At least you have backlinks from sites with pagerank. It surely will count. At least its either you will be able to maintain your rank or better yet increase the same.

If you’re blog has page rank, let’s exchange link now!


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