Have you observed that in everything that we there is always someone or something in between that connect us to one another? There is what we called an instrument or a medium in everything that we do. It’s either this medium will guide is in the right path or in another way around. They are somehow associated with advisers or counselors. In one way or another they become a part of us. They lead the path on where we are going. They are a big influence in our lives.

Taking into consideration the several dealings that we encounter in our day to day living, we sometimes reach a point when we have no idea what to do anymore. This becomes a problem when it affects our family in a way. It must be taken into consideration that what these mediums advise us to do will lead us to only two consequences; that is, there advises will benefit them alone or they are by heart a medium for our own cause or welfare. There is no doubt that fraud is available in certain times of our lives. We must be vigilant at this and take time to think before indulging into things that were advised by the so-called experts. We must be able to distinguish different possibilities that might result in every decision we make. Yes it is true that we are not perfect, but at least it pays when we try things by achieving perfection.

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