It is not too late to talk about love. Love is a feeling that even the oldest person in the world has yet to discover. We all know that it is unexplainable. Even though at times it hurts yet we continue to strive to keep the relationship going on. However, there is no question that the feeling is mostly happiness deep within; it is somehow a source of strength to an individual. It is a blessing. It is the beginning of building a family. Love is a distinct emotion that if someone left you for another it would result into a collapse of your life.

Being in love just comes out in the open. You will never know when it will come and go. So that once it reaches you it is essential to put all your heart into it regardless of the consequences of the same. However, to enter into an agreement to love someone for personal purposes is something that should not be countenanced. It is in a way enriching yourself at the expense of another person’s feeling. Even if both of you have agreed into it, wouldn’t it be that the other has concealed personal intentions in such concession? Are you willing to take the risk? What happens if you really fall in love out of it while the other is plainly complying with your agreement? That definitely hurts.

Never will it happen that love can be agreed upon. It’s a feeling deep within that only you can determine whether you really love a particular person or not. Never ever try to hide your real feelings. It would just cause you more pain. To love is to be happy. Let’s spread love.