It cannot be denied that we are connected in some way. Even if we are not related with one another there is somehow or something that connects us. A complete stranger to us may somehow in the end is connected with us; we’ll never know. Life is diverse. With the billions of people all around the world, we never know who we will meet who in the long run may become a part of our life.

However, no matter every one seemed to be so related with us there must be a barrier between them and your personal life. Even persons close to our hearts limit themselves to take control of our personal lives. How much more other persons do? We live based on what we think is best for us not what others think about us. No one has a right to interfere with one’s own dealings with his life. What may be going on with your life now they are not part of it and they don’t have the right to pry to your personal circumstances or to your family for that matter. Even close relatives must restrict themselves in indulging to be involved in what transpired to you unless you needed their help. Unless you think that you need the presence or advises of other persons, your life is your life; you are the driver of your own path. Prying other’s lives is an implied act of circumventing the laws of living.

Let’s respect one another’s privacy. To live with harmony in this developing world self-respect and respect to others must be exercised. After all we live in a community where each of us is obligated to perform a task in accordance with the norms thereof.



February 24, 2008 at 12:43 AM

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