A scandal is said to be something uttered that is false and injurious to the reputation. It may be manifested in different acts we commonly perform. However, usually it may be expressed by shouting to another person things that may ruin the latter’s personality. It is done publicly to the extent of waking and disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the whole neighborhood. A scandal can happen anywhere at anytime.
For the last two years, video scandals of sexy stuffs of famous celebrities have been the center of all news all over the world. Not only is this true in the first world countries, but also in the third world countries. Others may confuse them as has been made willfully while others may be worth sympathizing. Whatever may the reason of the person who posted or spread these video scandals is immaterial. The thing is its impact is so huge to the public; to the extent that even students in the secondary level have their own story to tell. Yes, this is true guys and this is reality. A scandal of two highschool students doing unlikely s3x has been caught on video. For the last weeks, this story has been the talk of the town. Several comments have been made. It then became an issue of the values that the school inculcate into their students especially that the students came from a catholic school. A lot of things have been said regarding the personality of the two students concerned. This indeed resulted into spotting into their beforehand indubitable reputation.

You may have wondered how could this happen or how is this true. A number of factors may be considered. In general, the community as well as the society we are living in is a big influence. Our family affects the way we bring our personalities. There are friends whom we spent most of our time as compared to our family. What more in the internet where easy access to all questions or inquiries are available any time at any day. These, inter alia, are just a few that must be taken into account. The fact is the two students concerned had done it already. We could not bring back time and stop them from what they did and then teach our children the things they should know about the complexities of life. This is too late. We could not just let time pass without enjoining our children to do the things that a good citizen must do. You could not blame anyone of the mistakes you personally committed. It is only you who could allow your reputation to be besmirched.