Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If we were just kids we really don’t know what it means. But as days pass by we are on the verge of truth that this day becomes not just an ordinary day but may be associated with Christmas and New Year. Try to go outside on this exact day and observe what is going on around you. You will notice that people are busy buying flowers and gifts for their special someone. Every store is as busy as they were in Christmas day. By this you will realize that you are left with an empty seat. Of course this observation differs from each individual. However the reality is no man is an island.

Whatever race you are you need friends or special someone. There are some who are desperate in looking for one. This is true. They believe that they are already left behind and are afraid of getting old alone. Younger persons may not yet understand this feeling but time will come when they will realize the feeling of finding true love. Of course you could say that even if you have no one to spend this valentine season you can go along with your family, which of course is a very good idea. However, the love that we have towards our family is different from the love that we feel toward that special someone. From the beginning we feel secure that our family will always be there to guide and protect us. But still we feel incomplete until we find that particular person set for each of us.

This problem could not be ignored. It would affect you psychologically. There may be several solutions. The most effective of which is to start by making friends. However, if you are the shy type you can join free chat rooms. With this you can meet new acquaintances and friends who among those may be the right person segregated for you alone.


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February 6, 2008 at 6:45 AM

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