In all parts of the world working as an employee is a fact. Most people are paid because of the services they rendered in a particular company or even at home. We work because of the money we are paid for or may be because of a dream we wish to achieve. Whatever reason we may have there is no denying that being an employee is a fact of life which may result favorably to one person depending on how he handles the circumstances surrounding the same.

The truth is when one is employed as an employee, say an Administrative Officer in a certain company, specific tasks are assigned to you which you are expected to perform with honesty and efficiency. In the beginning, the job may be convenient. But as years pass by you will be experiencing a work load of jobs assigned to you which are not in accord with the official tasks that you are asked to do. Moment comes when you are even required to perform jobs which are beyond your obligations as an employee such as when your boss asks you to do something for his personal benefit. Don’t deny it. If you are an employee, you have experienced this.

What to do in times of this? Life should not be made complicated. In this kind of situation, if you love your job just go with the flow provided that you are not made to perform illicit acts. You are not alone in this kind of situation. Most employees are experiencing this fact. You just have to deal with it. So long as the employer or your boss is not abusing for any manner which may give you a right to ask for a legal claim as an employee then continue to work as if you are tasked to fulfill your assigned job preferences. Work as hard as you can and you will then be surprised of the result it gives to you. Learn to love your work for it is the only key for you to be successful in the field you choose to render your services.



July 16, 2008 at 10:51 PM

Many boss in big company is abusing their employee. Example, u may see now alot of company employ pretty girl and pay good salary for them.


July 20, 2008 at 11:55 PM

congrats po on getting featured sa Mindanao Bloggers!