This term is derived from the Filipino word “tsismosa or tsismoso” which means an individual who loves to create and listen to gossips whoever or wherever he or she may be. It actually has a negative connotation; but mind you that is not the case. It actually depends on how you interpret what has been delivered by this particular person.

Gossips in showbusiness or other wise known as entertainment is unsurprising. It seemed that we love to hear something just about anything with regards to our favorite star be it optimistic or not. We even admire them or if possible imitate them. Here’s one blog where you can check out new buzz about your favorite stars. The blog is well presented, and easy to navigate. The articles are direct to the point. It also contains pictures you’ll surely love to watch and even copy.

The entertainment world is one of the means that give our lives a better view of the world. These famous stars are but a symbol of what lies beneath everything that we have in life. How these stars deal with the circumstances of their lives may some how inspire or encourage us to go on with life amidst the hazards thereof. See more of CHIZMOSA!



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