What is prediction? Is there any possibility that it will come true? Do you believe in predictions? Prediction is a prophecy. It is the capacity of one person to foretell the future. Whether or not it is a skill depends on how you perceive the act itself.

Recently, the Filipinos are in fear. What made them in this state of mind is the continuous forwarding of text messages admonishing them to be cautious this coming July 18, 2008 due to an earthquake which will hit the Philippines. Undoubtedly, those who have received this message would be shocked. But then learning that this is only a prediction would that make you feel safer?

The person who predicted the coming of this earthquake is Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose. He is the very person who predicted the following:

  1. Princess Diana Assassination
  2. The second attack of World Trade Center , it is 911
  3. Sumatra Indonesia earthquake

The coming of this tragedy is not to be ignored. Prediction or not, there is still a possibility that this will happen in any other date with any other calamity or storm, at any other country. All we can do is to be prepared and hope that it will not result into a loss of lives.