Different people from all walks of life have different stories to tell. Sharing these stories provide personal satisfaction which may be an inspiration to other people’s lives. Interpreting these stories depends on how they could be helpful and become a part of our own lives.

This featured blog is a personal blog of Jenn. She is a Filipina who enjoys life to the fullest, despite the many things lacking in her. She never lets a day pass by without a smile in her face. Her site contains pictures of her journeys from different places. It’s a site which is girly-like site but full of surprises and contexts. Join her in her many journeys.

How we live today depends on how we view and deal with it. Like Jenn we should learn to smile and laugh even in a while. Explore the site and you will surely develop a new way of living. JENN WAS HERE is the site.



July 7, 2008 at 4:40 AM

Hi.. Thanks for the write up! It means so much! Take care always.