Wing Bowl 2009 Winner

I posted a topic in my video blog relating to Wing Bowl 2009 but that post was limited to the available videos online. That post was limited in information insofar as this event is concerned. I even thought that it already started but I was wrong. I was reading without understanding. Anyway, by the time that I am typing this post, Wing Bowl 2009 already started.

This event is scheduled to start today, January 30th at 5:30 am at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wing Bowl is an eating competition. The competitors compete by having eaten the most wings ever. Whew. I definitely will not win in this kind of game. They changed the rules by accepting new competitors so that there is a possibility of having a new Wing Bowl 2009 Winner. Unlike in the previous competitions where the winners dont change.

Can you deal with this kind of competition? I admire you if you do just like the participants of this game. I'll update this blog as soon as the Wing Bowl 2009 Winner will be announced. Refresh this post for that purpose.

UPDATE: Jonathan Super Squibb is the Wing Bowl 17 winner!