Watch Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers Video Lebron James' Second Game at Cleveland

Tonight, one of the games of the 2011-2012 NBA Season features Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though the pain and dismay against Lebron James is not that intense as his first visit in the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers, still wounds do not heal that fast. According to Lebron James, "Can't get no worse than it was December 2nd. I know that for a fact."

Chris Bosh replied on the matter. He said, "We're expecting shenanigans. Usually after the first time, the tension kind of goes away. I've been noticing that the second time we go to other road arenas, it's not as intense as the first time."

Which team will win tonight? Watch Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers live tonight at 7:00 PM ET on NBA TV.