-------If you spend more time in the internet, in the long run you will realize a number of opportunities to earn big. What more can you ask for? You love to surf and at the same time you can earn. There are a lot of ways actually. You can earn by socializing, by joining a community where the members love to share thoughts and ideas and the most common is blogging.
-------In blogging, you have to join a certain website which offers you to make your own site free. Through making your own site, you can choose any topic you want as long as it does not involve pornography or deals with violence and the like. Another site will offer you to post their ads. And through that ad, you can earn when someone clicks the same or someone subscribes to it. The more interesting your blog is the more it will be visited and the more your earnings will increase. Another thing that must be considered is how to increase your traffic. To look for search engines is not that hard but to maintain your being active in that particular site is what makes it difficult.
-------However, despite of it all, there are persons I knew who are successful in blogging. I really wonder how they do it. Dont ask my standing, it will just make me disappointed, lol. But at least I tried and tried and tried.
In general, there are advantages and disadvantages. It is similar to any thing that we do in our lives. The most important thing is we tried harder.