When we were young, we are taught on how to choose our career or profession for the future. We tend to show some interests on things and concentrate on those that we love and enjoy. Then, we study from elementary to college level. Among others, experiences in school help us develop who we are. We meet friends, teachers we respect and even enemies. To finish a degree is the main purpose that keeps every student going on.

Now, you earned your diploma. Some choose to continue to study for their second degree or masterial degree; others are on the verge of looking for jobs. With a number of competitors at stake in one position, finding a job is not that easy. However, you strive hard to look for it. And good for you that you find one. Thereafter, everyday seemed to be a new day for you. You learn new things. You are yearning for knowledge. You thirst for more. You meet new group of friends and co-workers or may be you will find a partner for your life. A few persons may stay long in that company even say thirty years. They became experts in their field. In that case, they experienced the pain, sorrow, stress and the like in connection with the duties and responsibilities they perform in that particular company where they are hired. Nevertheless, they stayed in that company to show their loyalty and devotion to their work.

Time has come when you are mandated to retire. To retire means to withdraw or to stop working. In certain countries, there is a required age where employees are obliged to retire. In that case, they will be receiving benefits from the company as well as other governmental agencies. They will retire with good reputation and with heads up high. But dont you think that retiring just makes you realize how old you are and how useless you are as a person? It means that you are no longer competent to perform the services that are expected that is why you are required to retire. How about the company of your employees or co-workers? Wouldnt you miss them? More importantly, how abou the job that you loved and enjoyed. Dont you consider it the apple of your life or the purpose for which you are tasked to act? Think again. Is there really such thing as happy retirement?