This is a story about a young boy. He came from a family with less sources of income. He is the fourth among the seven children. His father died when he was in his elementary years. Since then, he worked hard to help his mother to earn for food in the family at the same time continuing his studies. Despite that state of his life he managed to finish his studies and graduated with a degree.

With that he worked in different companies some of them even governmental agencies. He stayed there for years until he decided to join the military forces. He became a commissioned officer and participated in every schooling necessary to alleviate his skills. He is a man of principle and a man of one word. He fights and defends his country in every way he can even to death. That's a soldier's oath. He is a very patriotic person worthy to be a military man.

Behind it, is the fact that he rarely gets home to check and visit his family. He never actually saw his children grew as they are now. He gets home every once in a year or more. Its like working in a different country but with less income. Even then, his children grew to be respectful individuals. He spend quality time with his children everytime he gets home, and much more time with his loving and understanding wife.

The life he has is never that easy. Nevertheless, he continue to be a loyal person with his government and to protect the people living within his state. Now, he has reached the stage of his life where he has fulfilled his worth. He opines that as long as you do what you think should be the right thing to do and with God's guidance then everything will go along. Then, he believed that life after all is not that pernicious.