You are in the street feeling the cool breeze of the air when suddenly the weather changed and the rain pours. You find yourself suddenly wet and that makes you feel annoyed. How about if you have an argument with a co-worker? Wouldnt that make your day worst? How much more if you have misunderstandings with your hubby? These are only some of the instances which changes you mood from positive to negative.

Now, as you were in that mood, you pass by a baby (not necessarily your baby) even someone you do not know personally and that baby smiled at you. To see that smile will definitely turn your bad day into a nice one. Why I made such a conclusion? For one, I experienced it. Seeing that smile just flips away all my worries behind. I mean for a while. But it surely helps to ease a heavy heart. There is something deep within a baby's smile. It will soften a heart as hard as a rock. With such a smile, you could wish to have that baby all day long.

Of course, you can not take the baby for your own. But in my opinion, there are reasons why a baby's smile works wonders to an individual. Firstly, it makes us smile back too. It exercises our muscles so they say and a good medicine also. Secondly, it helps us realize that there is light after darkness. That to smile lifts you heart and opens a new beginning and realization for the future. Lastly, it reminds us to smile despite the troubles that has been going on with our lives. It helps us to stop for a while and think that life must still go on; that we have to fight and reach our dreams and that to live is to experience new things and still be happy.