There are different kinds of love. This is a fact. The love you have for your parents, brothers or sisters is different from the love you feel towards your friends, more so distinct from the love you have towards other persons not closely related to you. But what makes love interesting is the love that you experience towards an opposite sex. Isn’t this correct?

Loving someone you do not know from the start reflects the so-called magic of love. Why is there magic in love? To answer this question requires you to experience falling in love. When you fall in love, there are questions that don’t need answers; there are difficult moments that are easily resolved; there are heavy burdens that seemed so light to carry. There are instances when you can both understand each other just by looking at each others’ eyes. There is that electricity flowing when you hold hands. In fact, at times when you are fed up with all your problems, the little time that you spent together makes everything so easy. By loving someone, you just don’t have a partner but also a friend, confidant, lover, an inspiration or whatever else you can call it. There are so many things that you cannot understand when you experience to love someone special. However, experiencing the same can help you as a person. It is true that to fall in love entails sacrifices. Somehow, you feel that there are changes in you. Unselfishness is very important in a relationship. Pain does exist when you fall in love. Some may have negative experiences in love but in the end, there are things that you will learn that you haven’t realized before and it will be a way for you to develop a strong personality. Whatever you may go through just by loving someone is worth everything. You may not know it at present but someday it will just make you smile when you remember those moments.

We should not be afraid to fall in love. We should not close doors for a new love despite all those unexpected experiences. There are reasons for everything that’s going on with our lives. You may not have found one true love now, but, there is for sure one person out there that is looking or waiting for you. We don’t have to rush things just to fall in love. Love will find you in any special way.



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very well said :)


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November 12, 2007 at 6:14 AM

Yes, everyone of us has to experience love. Love is essential to our existence. It is our strong affection to someone we cares and to someone who is closed to our hearts. Me? ooohh... am worried...am looking for that special love... the love of my heart... but you know, until now, I could not find him. I keep on seeking; he keeps on hiding.... hahaha