>>>>>>>>>>A second-courser refers to an individual who is studying for the second time around. This means that he is taking up another course aside from the one which he originally graduated from. There are different reasons why a person may decide to take up another course and go back to the life of being a student. Whatever that may be is a personal choice and decision.

For one, I am a second-courser. I could not say that I enjoyed the life of being a second-courser neither do I despise the same. I enrolled the second time around just to have something to do aside from working eight hours a day. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I resigned from my previous job. Now, I am a full time student. I applied several times for a job, but of no avail. It came to a point where it affected my relationship with my parents, brothers, sisters and boyfriend, to the extent that I questioned God of what seemed to be the problem with me.

At the age of almost thirty, I still am a student. It was a bit different when I was in my secondary and tertiary level. At that time, you were only thinking of passing your subjects. You are concentrated only on your studies nothing else. The main purpose at that time is to have a passing grades and graduate from that course so that you can work in the future to help your parents. It was the time of knowing and learning new ideas. It was even yet the moment of discovering friends and building a deep relationship with them. By the time that you already experienced working and then stopped and proceeded to study for another course is somewhat a different case. There are instances when you wonder why on earth are you still a full time student when you can do both, that is working and studying. This question bothers you as you go along with your studies and somehow affects your standing as a student. There is no more concentration because of the aim to have you own job and have your own income. But what if, having a job is not really meant for you at the moment. I mean no matter how hard you look for it, the chances seemed so narrow day by day.

Fact is, you exist for a purpose. However, there are circumstances in life that cannot be explained of. This is one of the complications that an individual has to undergo. In the end, it may be worth everything.