Almost a quarter of our lives are spent in school. At the age of five we were enrolled in kindergarten by our parents. We were taught how to read and right. It’s quite difficult to remember what occurred in those times. All we know is that we studied in that school and we met friends who we barely know by the time we become of age. A part of our personality may be culled from school. We started to build some attitude in school even at a young age. We were influenced by classmates, friends and teachers. How we think and what we believe in life somehow begins at school.

One factor that basically influences the development of our personality is our teachers. Besides our parents, it is our teachers who are considered as the second persons who taught us things about life. They inculcate into our minds the good things that we need to know as well as the essential values that we must maintain in dealing with different kinds of life situations. Sometimes, we consider them as our second parents. Through them we learn things we haven’t experience before. At times they give us advices we need to follow. No matter how hard headed we are, they are so patient in dealing with us. Indeed, it is true that there are no lawyers, engineers, accountants or even presidents if there are no teachers.

The author dedicates this post to one professor out there who is really a good person by heart. He is very considerate to his students. He deals with them with pure soul. You can never hear harsh comments from him. Never had he manifested rage towards his students even if there are times when the latter tend to abuse his goodness. You can feel the passion that he has in teaching. Kudos to this professor!