Fortunate are we who have experienced the fun, laughter and tears in being a student. Almost a quarter of time of our lives are spent in school. These were the times where we build our personalities as well as how we form our future. It is in school that we meet friends who have remained to be true till the present times. There are even some who met their partner in life at school. All the fun and the worst moments in our lives are made possible in school and it is through this that we become a mature and responsible individual.

This is the first quarter of the year but for students this is almost the end of the schoolyear which at the same time is the moment of truth. Like for instance graduating students. Although there is this feeling of wanting to finish the course as soon as possible, however, this is not the case for several school requirements must be accomplished first before reaching that stage such as thesis, dissertation or research papers. This is the common requirement in school be it in highschool or in college or even in graduate school. It is hard to choose for a topic to submit and even the title alone, not to mention the fact that you have to be particular of your grammar. Every single word, sentence or paragraph must be scrutinized to satisfy the professors’ standard. You must have a basic knowledge about custom research papers.

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