All of us have been into school, right? Some of us may be excellent in their own way while others are just there without realizing what their purpose in studying is. It seemed like we are obliged to be in school. It seemed like there’s nothing we can do but to finish our studies especially in third world countries like ours where parents would say that the only treasure that they could left behind with their children is their having finished their studies and have become professionals in their own different fields. In our country, finishing a degree is a big deal. Not only you made your parents proud of you but also it’s your chance of helping them to alleviate from their status of living.

Now the thing is it’s hard to graduate except of course to those who have been very serious in their studies right from the start. However, even the so-called excellent students are doing their best not only to graduate but to graduate with honors. These groups of students have their own tendencies of being doubtful of their standing also. Waiting for several days to know whether or not you will graduate seemed to be like your being hanged to death. The pressure is so high that you really don’t know what to feel and what to expect not to mention also that there are people surrounding you waiting what is your real standing. Keeping within you the intensity of waiting is so difficult also. As days passed by you seemed very exhausted of the thought about it. A day seemed to be a week or even a month or worst a year. The feeling is unexplainable. The thought of graduating makes you feel excited. On the other hand, the idea of failing makes you wanna fade. You wanted to hide the excitement to prepare for whatever the result may be. It definitely is like being hanged to death.

The reality is in life there are times that we just need to wait. Our chance to prove that we are worthy to graduate is already finished. This time is beyond our limits. All we have to do is be prepared and accept whatever faith comes our way.

God bless to all graduating students!


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March 15, 2008 at 4:12 AM

hey, you seem so lonely in your article. anyway, don't worry too much about graduation.. just trust GOD. Cling to HIS promises! Remember, GOD works in Mysterious ways!

Do not mind the waiting.. it's going to kill you.. Just have fun and let tomorrow come without you worrying about it..:)


March 15, 2008 at 7:01 PM


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March 15, 2008 at 7:51 PM

no problems bestre!!!


March 16, 2008 at 1:08 AM

Everyone has to do the battle with the striking points of their journey of lives. Basically, the one with strong commitment can therefore defeat every single obstacles before them, and eventually succeed in thier lives with great pride. However, some people; I myself should also be included; occasionally get scared; and fed up with thier own lives, and tend to give up.

We shouldn't get scared, should we? So, We have to keep it up, cuz we have long way to go. Yeah! GO! GO!

Good Luck, Bestre :)