Our life evolved with the people surrounding us. They are considered one of the factors in molding our personality. What we do describes how we interact with other people. Our decisions in life affect the people around us. We are not alone in this world. No matter what we do it always involve other people.

Getting married is another stage of our lives that cannot be ignored. However, to indulge into marriage is one big decision that a person has to take especially if you belong to a family with very close relationship. Asking permission from your parents to get married is one big step to take. You’ll never know what their reaction will be. Because of respect and love you don’t want them to get hurt or to be angry with you. But you cannot skip marriage as well especially if you already met the man or woman you believe is the right person for you. Love is a blessing that has to be kept and treasured. It must not be abused. In the same way that you have responsibility to your parents you also have responsibility to the person you love. You cannot let him or her wait for a long number of years. What if he or she cannot take it any longer? Would you wait for that time to happen? Does getting married means leaving your parents away?

This may sound a simple question to some but still it must be well taken into account. Choosing between your parents and the person you love is and will never be easy. These individuals are but the most important persons in your life that you cannot take the risk of breaking their hearts. So, whom will you choose?



March 16, 2008 at 7:02 AM

hi bestre,

thanks for visiting my blog, you know you are right in saying that love is a blessing that has to be kept and treasured. So do not worry about getting married, I'm sure your parents will understand and especially do not worry about pregnancy because you have to enjoy being a wife first then a mother.