Graduation fever has not yet been over. Graduates can still taste the joy and fun of having accomplished a portion of their life’s mission. After the celebration it cannot be denied that people surrounding you cannot help but mention the activities that happened during the graduation day and the fact that you actually did graduate from your studies. It seemed that the story never ends.

Anyway, this discussion centers on the fact that in any celebration be it graduation day, anniversary, birthdays or the like people close to your heart are invited. You wanted them to be a part of what you may call one of the important events of your life. Long before the day the celebration is set you invited them to make sure that they make themselves available for that day. Then again one day before the date fix for the celebration you reminded them regarding the activity. You were happy for you were sure that these important persons in your life assured you that they will come in your celebration. Unexpectedly, on the day of the celebration, they never showed up. They did not even dared to text you or call you that they cannot come not until you texted them asking them of where the h3ll are they. What would you feel if this will happen to you?

Definitely you will feel disappointed and sad. That cannot be avoided. These are circumstances that you never expected to happen. Of course they’ll give you reasons justifying their failure to appear. The fact is the pain has already been felt. It can no longer be taken back. What you need to do is to let time pass by and let time heal the wounded feeling.



April 12, 2008 at 4:13 AM

it does hurt when people say they're coming and stuff but in the end, they didnt show up..coz you've got your hopes up and look forward to seeing them..but yeah, guess it's best to just let it go :)