We are knowledgeable of the several uses of the internet. How we use the same depends on each of our purpose or purposes. You can practically have everything you want through the internet. In fact you can face your computer all day long and find yourself not just enjoying meeting new people from all over the world but also being productive by generating revenue with the use of internet access. Wouldn’t that make the internet a product of men’s creatively geniuses’ creations?

However, with all due respect, would this does not make the internet a key to the many abuses towards women or to anyone or anything for that matter? Say for instance the very famous youtube. Through this site, we are given the chance to upload videos, pictures, music and the like. In here we can view almost every kind of videos we wanna see and most of all different scandals of women the conservatives would not dare to watch. Having logged on to youtube for several days, there are videos that teenager should be prohibited to peek. Women’s sanctity has been put into trash. Videos such as this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb9JSiy86tk images a woman who wanted to ask for money by showing a little skin. No one knows whether or not the videos are edited. The fact is they were published to the public claiming that these women are scammers and so forth. These and several others are published in youtube without considering the privacy of these women. Granting without admitting that they made mistakes by doing such alleged acts are these publishers entitled to ruin the lives of these women by publicly viewing their faces, names and other personal circumstances? Are they really scammers or victims of abuses?

Let us be considerate to our fellow human beings. We are a community with different nationalities, traditions and customs. To live peacefully in this world we must help one another. If you felt you have been defrauded retaliate by doing not unlawful or inhuman acts towards such persons; otherwise, you are nothing different to the latter.


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