This Site May Harm Your Computer

But not this site. I was shocked when I read my friend's blog. I thought that indeed the phrase "This Site May Harm Your Computer" is referring to her blog. Gladly, I was wrong. She already has a problem that she should dealt with relating to blogging and now this one. But as I've said I was wrong.

The phrase "This Site May Harm Your Computer" was google's little mistake, so several sites say. Almost an hour, that is between 6:30 a.m. PST and 7:25 a.m. PST this morning, when this phrase arises when you saerch a word from google which prompted a lot of bloggers as well as searchers to worry. According to the official google blog, this is a clear error which they asked for an apology to those who used and searched from google during that time. I am not really familiar with the technical terms used in the explanation but for more of this error you may check the official blog of google. They provide a detailed explanation for the matter.

Are you one of those who searched during that time and found out that "This Site May Harm Your Computer"? How did you handle it? This is one simple example that in life there is indeed surprises you wouldnt expect. However, subsequent to that you learned that you handled it well.