Today is an ordinary day. The family went to the city to buy some stuff and to settle some accounts. The family is divided into two groups; the first group rode in a motorcycle while the other rode in a pick-up vehicle. Before arriving to the main city, the driver who drove the motorcycle was caught by a traffic aid for violating traffic rules. With regard to this violation, the traffic aid offered to forgive the driver provided that the latter will give a certain amount of money to the former. This is evident corruption, isn’t not?

The fact of corruption is present in every country. This is for a fact and it is undeniable. Corruption is a problem that has never been resolved even at present. It is hard to convict a person for such crime for it is hard to prove the same. Not to mention that witnesses are afraid to testify for fear of retaliation. But how could a person do such flagrant act. Why couldn’t they just give the violator the ticket so that the money will be forwarded to the proper authorities rather than putting it into their own pocket. This act and other similar act must be abated. The government must employ some means to eliminate if not minimize corruption. This is not only for personal prevention but also for the general welfare. Big problems start from small ones.

Help solve this problem by starting within yourself. Don’t be corrupt. Stop corruption now!