Most of us love animals. Animals are part of life. They constitute a portion of earth’s existence. There are harmful animals yet there are tamed ones. Sometimes, we love to feed them and consider them as our pets or even more as part of the family.

Have you tried to observe your pet? Let’s say for example a cat. A cat when fed makes a circling movement. They turn and turn until the food is placed in their plate. In addition to that they make sounds which is indicative that they are happy they are given some food. When you are lonely, it seemed like they feel it. They will go near to you and somehow let’s you feel that they are there beside you. Their eyes are so expressive that you will know whether or not they are happy, sad or sick. There are times when they get so naughty, but what can you expect from an animal! Generally, they are cute and fun to be with.

We must love our pet. They can be considered as reflective of your true personality as an individual. They are who you are. If you show compassion and love, the will do the same to you.


  Audley Music

June 3, 2008 at 3:39 AM

I agree that watching pets is a fascinating excercise. The cat is so quiet and well-behaved in the house but when he is let out he becoms the demon hunter, nightmare to a million little animals who huddle and hide when they know he is near.
Then next morning he is your quiet 'pet' again!


June 5, 2008 at 7:15 PM

hehehe! exactly, mr. audley music:-) but i love cats... they are my favorite pet:-)

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