According to pinoymoneytalk.com, saving money is a state of mind. Saving is a reduction in expenditure or cost. This discussion focuses on saving money in a bank. It is more advantageous if you save your money in a bank for obviously it will earn interest. It may be hard to let go of a want but at this moment of our lives, saving is one solution to obtain unlimited amount of resources.

When we were young, different people gave us money as gifts. We spent this money not knowing the importance of its use. Well no one can blame an eight year-old or even a fifteen year-old in making use of that money. All they know is they own the same and they have the right to make use of it.

But what if you have been saving this money since you were at your young age? Imagine the money you have saved from that on. Saving money in a bank is one trait that we should teach our children. This might not make them rich but at least it will not leave them empty-handed.