Looking for a job entails hard work, not to mention the adjustment you need to consider in dealing with people of different personalities. There are a lot of job vacancies out there contrary to what others say. All you have to do is look hard and learn to work without being very choosy. In third world countries like ours most citizens are looking for their luck in other foreign countries. They find fortune by working abroad as domestic helpers, caregivers, skilled workers and the like. They sacrifice themselves by being away with their families for long years. This seemed to be the only solution that citizens in our country have to alleviate their quality of life.

Is it really the only solution? Decisions in life are a matter of choice. You can have all the money you want if you search, sweat and work hard for it. This does not mean you have to work far away from your family. Spending time with your family cannot be equated with the money you earn in a month or even in a year. This should not also be taken for granted. We only live in this world with limited time. We need internal happiness to survive. In deciding for yourself and your family, choose what is best for you without necessarily leaving one for the other. It may be hard but in God nothing is impossible.

earninig at home is one way. In this case you can have both. Slowly but surely you can attain the dreams you longed to achieve not just for yourself but for your family. Let’s not make things hard for ourselves. Instead, let’s keep it simple!



May 13, 2008 at 9:51 PM

Thanx for your good review,but there is some problem in our countries that made us to immigrate.first is,law braking is so high and if you want to do something,you can not do it illegal.Second is ,You can not programing for your future and for your family,and a lot more.I don't know the atmosphere of your country but in mine works not going so good.If you want to have a good life ( not the best you think ) only the basics,you can not reach them easy and in some ways never.
at least I hope you have a great business online.


May 14, 2008 at 5:47 AM

well, its also difficult here. finding a job is so hard. but i guess that's part of it. its good thing we have internet access. There are a lot to learn but at least there's a chance that you can earn without necessarily adjusting yourself to other person's personalities.


May 14, 2008 at 9:09 PM

We left a couple of years ago...

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I am not giving up yet, somehow a flickering hope is still within me that somehow, someday Philippines will make it, and Filipinos will be back home. But if we stay there, we will be starving to death.